Saturday, June 27, 2015

Top 3 Free Alternatives to Reset Windows 8.1 Login Password Instantly and Successfully

“Help me please! I can’t remember my Windows 8.1 login password. I create a password on it and haven’t used it for quite a long time because I buy a Mac a few weeks later. Now I can’t open the Windows 8.1 laptop because I forget the user login password. Who can help me? Can I reset Windows 8.1 login password with free method? If you have any advice, please reply me as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.”

Some Windows 8.1 users may get to meet the problem like the person as above. If that accident happens, how can you deal with it? You really don’t have to worry about it too much! There are some methods you can use as below. Take it easy to begin to read them from now on!

Alternative 1: Reinstall Windows 8.1

If there are no important data in your Windows 8.1 computer, you might as well reinstall the Windows 8.1. It is the common method that nearly every person knows. In the past, when we locked out of computer, most of the experts will suggest you reinstall Windows. Now it is still one of the methods to rescue your computer. So you can still have a try. To reinstall Windows 8.1 is still a practical option and you can even choose to downgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 8 or downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7 if you hope to install other Windows system like Windows 8.

Alternative 2: Use Reset Disc to Reset Password Windows 8.1

Like other Windows system, Windows 8.1 password reset disk is also your chance to rescue your computer. Now if you can figure out the reset disk, just try to reset your Windows 8.1 password with it. Insert the disk to your locked computer and then follow the instruction step-by-step. After that, restart your laptop and then you can type the new password to unlock password Windows 8.1 laptop.

Alternative 3: Reset Windows 8.1 Password with Third-party Tool

The third measure is to make use of third-party software to reset your Windows 8.1 password. There are lots of password remove or reset program online, such as Ophcrack, Windows Password Key, Windows Password Recovery Tool, SmartKey Windows Password Recovery, Tenorshare Windows Password Reset. Some of them are free and some are not. But they all have a free trial. They are similar about how to use. You can see the process as below:
Step 1: Free download the trial version of the application and install it to another laptop that can be used.
Step 2: Insert a USB/CD/DVD to the available laptop and then burn the tool to the drive.
Step 3: Take the drive to unlock Windows 8.1 lock screen.