Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Windows 10 Forgot Password and Can’t Login? Solutions are here!

“It is really bad news for me! I think I mistake my Windows 10 login password. There are so many passwords in my life and I have to remember different passwords every day. But now I forgot it. Oh no! I forgot it. I will have to ask for help here because the computer is of great significance. So if anyone of you knows the method, please tell me as soon as possible.”

Sometimes we lose Windows 10 login password because of careless, sometimes we forgot Windows 10 login password and cant login it because of mistaken. But no matter what the reason is, to lose Windows 10 password is true, to forget password Windows 10 has occurred. Therefore, we have to forget the sadness and try our best to find out solution and solve it. Now in this article, you will see the possible way about it.

Way 1: Windows 10 Password Reset Disc

Usually there is a Windows password reset disk once you buy the Windows computer. So, if you forgot password of Window 10, you can find out that Windows password reset disk and take it to reset your Windows login password. Just insert the disc and then keep clicking “Next” and finally type the new password. Wow, that’s so easy. But if you lose the Windows 10 password reset disc, you will have to use another way.

Way 2: Reinstall/Downgrade Windows 10

If you have no Windows password reset disc, another option is to reinstall your Windows 10. Lots of people know that once the password is lost, they can reinstall OS. Yes, if there are no important data in it, you can just do it! Compare to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, Windows 10 users are less than them. If you are strange to Windows 10, you can downgrade it to Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 operating system.

Way 3: Windows 10 Password Unlock Tool

Another way is Windows 10 password unlock tool, that is so popular in recent years. With that Windows password unlock tool, you can even remove the password, create a new account and remove the account. Among the tools, the most famous program is SmartKey Windows Password Recovery software. You can see how to do that as below.
Step 1: Make sure you can figure out another accessible laptop and then download and install this Windows 10 password unlock tool.
Step 2: Insert a CD/DVD/USB and then open the software, follow the steps to burn the passwords unlock software to the drive.
Step 3: Insert the drive to your locked computer. Change its BIOS setting to start it from the drive. Restart it again, and then you can see the software interface. Just reset/remove the password as it shows to you.