Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Top 2 Ways to Free Recover Windows 10 Password

In the case that you forgot Windows 10 password accidently, then we were locked out of Windows 10 computer. How to free recover Windows 10 password in easy way? We can learn detail ways as below.

Top1: Using professional Windows password recovery tool-Windows Password Key to recover.
Windows Password Key is the professional Windows password reset tool that main at Windows lost or forgot password recovery. Also we can use that tool to free recover Windows 10 password in only 3 steps. See more details as below.
Step1: Download and install Windows Password Key on any accessible computer.

Step2: Using a CD/DVD or USB to burn Windows Password Key on it, then insert the newly created disk to Windows 10 computer that you lost or forgot password.
Step3: Choosing the account that you need to recover password, after that, restart your Windows 10 computer.
After only 3 simple steps, your Windows 10 password has recovered successfully.

Top 2: Follow simple guide steps to free recover Windows 10 password
In the use of computers during computer boot log in forgotten your password there's plenty of friends and Windows10 system login passwords cannot be brute, you need to log in a password from Microsoft's Web site, reset password, to login into the system desktop. Forget Windows10 system login password, how to reset my password.

Forgotten power on password, this machine is able to log into the system, only to operations on the computer reset computer login password.
Step1: Open a browser and in the address bar, enter: carriage return;

Step2: Open the login page, click on: cannot access your account? Why can't we login click on: I forgot my password, and then click Next;
Step3: To restore your account page, enter the Microsoft account name (Microsoft forgot password computer account) and verify that the character, and then click Next;

Step4: After clicking Next, we need to validate your identity page can be opened where there are three to choose from:
1) E-mail ABC***** (install Windows10 Microsoft account when a user name).
2) Text message to *********98 (phone number that is used when you apply Microsoft account).
3) I don't have any one of these, one of the most simple is the second item: SMS to *********98. Hits: SMS to *********98;

Step5: Click on the message to *********98, enter binding the last 4 digits of the phone number, then click: send the code;
Step6: After we hit the send code, *********98 will receive a Microsoft account on your mobile phone with security code text message from team, open enter your security code page, we input received by the phone security code in the box, then click Next;

Step7: In the reset your password page, enter and remember the new password (cannot be same as the old password), and enter the same password again to verify, click Next;
Step8: Your account has been restored: now you can use the new security information, log in to your account-change your password. If you do not enable dual authentication, click Next, Microsoft account password reset Windows10 system complete.

After reading the whole post, have you got how to free recover Windows 10 password in easy way? If not, you can read again. Good luck to you.