Friday, November 13, 2015

How To Change Password in Toshiba Laptop Without Knowing the Password

Nowadays, Toshiba is becoming a much popular computer brand to most people. So when you lost your Toshiba laptop password, how to change password in Toshiba laptop without knowing the password? Lucky to say, you can get answers as below.

How to use Windows Password Key to change password in Toshiba laptop without knowing the password

Windows Password Key is an all in one Windows password recovery tool. You can follow it guide to change the Toshiba password easily. See more details as below.
Step1: Download Windows password key and install it on any useful computer.
Step2: Then got a useful CD/DVD or USB to burn the tool-Windows password key on it. Now you can insert the newly created CD/DVD or USB into your Toshiba laptop.

Step3: Running Windows Password Key on your Toshiba laptop. Then you can choose the option of remove or reset the password. After that restart your Toshiba laptop, the password you have changed successfully.
Windows Password Key is a much easier tool to use and control, so it can help you change the password in easiest and quickest way.

Toshiba laptop password forgot, how to change the password

Clear Password:
Step1: You should start the Toshiba laptop into the PE desktop system disk or U disk, and then double-click the bottom right point to open to select the destination path-Browse my computer.
Step2: In this section, local Disk C to Windows and click OK at the bottom left corner you can click to modify an existing user's password. After that the list of user names appears on the right found the user to set a password.

Step3: Then changes into a new mandatory password, click the top left corner of the application will appear, here to click OK.
Step4: In the end, you can restart the Toshiba laptop and enter the password you just set it into the system.
After the 4 steps above, you can reset the password on Toshiba laptop easily.

How to Set Toshiba laptop Power-On Passwor

Toshiba laptop power-on password can be set as follows steps:

Step1: In the lower left corner of the computer desktop. First click [Start], in the pop-up menu to find the right window [Control Panel], and click to enter.
Step2: In the Control Panel, select the top right corner of the view mode to [category], then you can clearly see the [User Accounts and Family Safety] this is an option, click to enter.

Step3: Here you can click to enter the [User Accounts and Family Safety], you will see there are four options to choose first [User Account], and click enter.
Step4: In that section, you see the computer administrator account, and in the account menu at the top left, click to enter [create a password for your account].

Step5: Start here you can set a password, enter the password twice successively, and then enter the password below prompt. When you forget the password, the prompt let’s remember back to the password. After setting, click on the bottom right of the [] to create a password.

After the simple 5 steps, you can set a power-on password on your Toshiba laptop quickly.

Hope this simple blog is useful to make you know how to reset password in Toshiba laptop without knowing the password clearly. Good luck to you.