Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How to Unlock Forgotten Windows 8 Password using Bootable Drive

“Oh no I forgot Windows 8 password and how to solve it? I need to unlock password in my Windows 8 laptop. I lost the password to unlock it. I hope there is a way I can use to solve my problem. The laptop I have used is an old Dell that I have used for about two years. I can't leave it alone. I can’t do anything without it. So please tell me I have forgotten my password to Windows 8 how to unlock it using bootable drive. Thank you in advanced.”

Lost the way to access your Windows 8 laptop? Are you frustrated when you forgot the local user account login password? What should you do when you can’t remember the password to login Windows system? Ask an administrator to rest the login password for you? But if you are not the admin and lost the password, what will you do? A lot of problems come to your eyes once you lost the password. Therefore, you might as well take the following methods to solve your problem.

Method 1: Unlock Password Windows 8 using Bootable CD-DVD Drive

If your Windows 8 computer is equipped with CD-DVD drive, then you can use a CD/DVD to unlock local login password. The method is so easy to use. Just take advantage of the third-party software to do that. Let’s see how to use it as below.
Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Key to another workable computer, desktop or laptop is okay. Then open this software and prepare to use it.
Step 2: Take the CD/DVD inserted into the workable machine that installed password unlock tool and then choose to burn the application to the drive.
Step 3: Insert the CD/DVD to locked computer. Restart the locked computer and then change the BIOS setting to run it from CD-DVD drive.
Step 4: Restart it again. Then you are about to see the whole user interface. Just select the target account to unlock password in Windows 8.

Method 2: Unlock Windows 8 Password using Bootable USB Drive

If there is no CD-DVD drive in the Windows 8 personal computer, you can use the USB drive to do that. There are 2 options about it. One is to make use of Windows built-in USB password reset disk. The other is to utilize Windows password unlock tool. Just see how to do that as below.

Option 1 – Windows 8 Built-in USB free password reset disk
If you have created a Windows 8 password reset disk, you are able to just use the following steps to do that.
Step A: There is a password hint when you type the incorrect login password. The “reset password” link is under the password hint. Just click it and then the “Password Reset Wizard” will appear.
Step B: Click “Next” and then you can select the USB password reset drive to replace the password with the new one.
Step C: Type the new password to unlock forgotten Windows 8 login password.

Option 2 – Windows 8 password unlock tool and USB
You can also use the USB and a Windows password unlocker to do that, such as the Windows Password Key. The detailed steps are the same as the CD/DVD. You can refer Method 1. To get more information, just CLICK HERE.