Thursday, August 29, 2013

Window 8, The User Profile Service failed the sign-in. User profile cannot be loaded.

When I login my Dell computer with my only one standard account, I got prompt below:
 "The User Profile Service service failed the sign-in. User profile cannot be loaded."
I tried to access the system BIOS in order to perform a system restore. But unfortunately, it goes straight to the log on screen. I am a green hand on computer operations. Can anyone help me get rid of this problem?

Window 8 User profile cannot be loaded
Window 8, The User Profile Service service failed the sign-in

At the beginning, we should learn how the above situation may happen.

Situation 1, The user profile folder C:\Users\(user-name) was manually deleted without removing security identifier (SID) from the profile list in the registry.
If the SID is still present, Windows 7/8 will still load the profile by using the ProfileImagePath that points to a nonexistent path. So, the user profile folder should be deleted via Control Panel - User Accounts.

Situation 2, The C:\Users\(user-name) user profile folder itself was manually renamed, instead of using the right way method from the option below. Now, go on the former option from the blog, this is another option to solve Profile can’t be loaded problem.

Option One: Solve the User Account Profile

Procedure 1, At beginning, we’d better create a system restore point in case there is mistake in the registry. This will help us restore system to the created restore point and undo the mistake.

Procedure 2, Start Menu - > search box - > input regedit - > Enter - > prompt by UAC- > Yes.

Procedure 3, In regedit, go to the location path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

Procedure 4, There will be a “Registry Editor” window. A S-1-5 (SID) key with a long number displays on the left. Now see if the related Data value of ProfileImagePath is the account with profile problem.
If it is the error account, and there is only one SID key ended with .bak on the left, go on Procedure 6. If there are two SID keys with the same long number, one with .bak at the end, another without .bak, go on Procedure 5.

Procedure 5, If there are two SID keys,
First, rename the SID key without .bak by adding .bk in the end of the fold numbers.
Second, rename the SID key with .bak by removing .bak.
Third, rename the SID key with .bk to .bak.

Procedure 6, For the only one SID key with .bak ended, remove .bak from the long key name.

Procedure 7, For the SID key without .bak,
A. Right clicks on RefCount and then Modify.
If there is no RefCount, on any empty space of the right pane, right click and choose New. On the Edit DWOD (32 bit) Value dialogue, type RefCount and press Enter. For the Value data, input number 0, and the click OK. This value for this entry will reset and return back to the original value after you have restarted the computer and logged on to the account.
B. Right click on State and click on Modify.
Input 0 and click OK on the dialogue.

Procedure 8, The registry now has only one SID key without .bak. Close the rigedit and restart computer. If you can login computer correctly, then congratulate to you.

Well, if you still meet the problem after the above operations, I recommend you refer to pro tool – Windows Password Recovery Tool Ultimate to remove accounts and related password conveniently and login pc quickly! I am sure that it will save you much time and less you troubles!

Watch the video on Windows Password Recovery Tool to get more details!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Windows 8 Update to 8.1, How to Deal With Login Password Reset Problem?

Windows 8 Update to Windows 8.1

Microsoft has announced that the first major update to Windows 8, known as Windows 8.1, will be available worldwide beginning October 18th. This update offers a host of fixes and upgrades comes from user feedback on Windows 8, our consumers can download update directly from the Windows Store.
Windows 8 Update with Password Recovery

Windows 8.1 New Features

Windows 8.1 offers several new features that will be a breath of fresh air for Windows 8 users, such as the return of the Start button and a boot-to-desktop option to bypass the tiled start screen. The update also offers many improvements for Windows users as a whole, such as a better Windows Store experience, built-in apps and enhanced personalization options.

Windows 8.1, which was unveiled back in June, will bring multitasking improvements as well as tweaks to the user interface. These features include camera access from the lock screen and a new universal search engine that communicates with Bing and Wikipedia. Microsoft is also re-introducing the Start button, but it brings users to the Start screen and doesn’t include the beloved Start menu.

Businesses, however, have additional areas to consider. Other than BYOD integration and direct connectivity with Office 365, SkyDrive and other Microsoft cloud computing services, experts say Windows 8.1 may or may not be suitable for your company, for several reasons.

Microsoft heard user complaints but instead of bringing back the old-fashioned Start menu in 8.1 it put a Start button in the lower right corner of the screen that takes you straight to the Windows 8 Start screen. This isn't much of an improvement, because users already had at least four different ways to get to the Start screen, including the previously invisible Start button that sat in the same space and appeared when you hovered the corner.

Microsoft saw Windows 8 users displaying photos of their loved ones on their Lock screens, so they figured, why stop at one photo? In Windows 8.1 users can turn their Lock screen into a slideshow of photos that they've taken straight from their device or from SkyDrive. Or users can take photos right from the Windows 8 Lock screen like with the built-in camera. The new lock screen doesn't just pull in your photos-- it displays images taken within the year from that day's date.

Windows 8.1 Password Reset

Well, will you Windows 8 users upgrade your OS on the release day? Actually, I will, for it is free to us! During upgrading, we hope to keep our data safe, and one more thing that we need consider: can we still login Windows 8.1 with the old Windows 8 account? If there is password incorrect problem, how can we get rid of password quickly?
The most convenient way is to refer to pro Windows Password Recovery Tool. The tool has helped large amount of Windows users worldwide and works on Windows Server 2012/2011/2008, Windows 8/7/XP/Vista, etc. Just three easy steps to get Windows password reset:

Download and install the application on an accessible PC.
Insert a blank CD/DVD or a USB Flash device in computer, next you'll be able to burn a Windows password reset disk in a few seconds.
Boot the locked computer from the burned disk, and then you can reset Windows password under WinPE within a few clicks.

Learn the video on introduction of Windows Password Recover Tool:

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How to Recover Newly Launched Lenovo Miix 10 Windows 8 Tablet Login Password if Lost

Lenovo Launched New Miix 10 Windows 8 Tablet

As we all know, Lenovo launched its new member called Miix 10 Windows 8 Tablet on Aug 6, 2013. It was on sale via its company’s website, priced at a starting point of $599. And its pre-orders shipping will commence on August 16th.  

Lenovo Miix 10 Windows 8 Tablet Password Recovery
Lenovo Miix 10 Windows 8 Tablet

Lenovo Miix 10 Windows 8 Tablet Configuration and Features

The Miix supports us a 10.1-inch tablet with a 1.8GHz Intel Atom Z2760 CPU, contains graphics, 2GB of LPDDR2 memory, displays with a 1,366 x 768 native resolution, keeps our users data cozy on a 64GB of eMMC flash, 802.11b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, 1MP front-facing camera and a two-cell Li-Polymer battery.

The Lenovo Miix 10 Windows 8 Tablet features a light number of ports including a Micro USB 2.0 connector for charging, a Micro SD card reader, Micro-HDMI, a headphone jack, while, no full sized USB port on this Windows 8 tablet.

What to do if forgot login password after setting password for Lenovo Miix 10 Windows 8 Tablet

When we users use Lenovo Miix 10 Windows 8 Tablet, we would like to set login password for private protection. Therefore, it will still be often to meet problem of password forgotten. Then what to do when forgot or lost Lenovo Miix 10 Windows 8 Tablet login password?

Firstly, we’d better recall the password that often used for mail, social network accounts, credit card password, etc.
Secondly, if the first one does not work, get your accounts with administrative privileges to help reset the forgotten accounts password.
Thirdly, if no administrator accounts help, get pro Windows 8 Password Recovery Tool to unlock lost Lenovo Miix 10 Windows 8 Tablet login password. Follow detailed steps to recover forgotten Lenovo Miix 10 Windows 8 Tablet login password:  
Step 1. Download Windows 8 Password Recovery Tool from an available computer.
Step 2. Burn a Windows 8 password reset disk with a blank CD/USB disk after installing and running the tool downloaded.
Step 3. Boot locked Lenovo Miix 10 Windows 8 Tablet with the burned CD/USB disk after bios setting.
Step 4. Restart Lenovo Windows 8 Tablet to login without password.

The above tool can work for any Lenovo Windows 8/7/Vista/XP laptop password reset. Get specific procedures from Youtube video:

Do you interest in the new Lenovo Windows 8 Tablet and wait for its launch patiently? Well, I do, for its configuration and new features! Lenovo Miix 10 Windows 8 Tablet has done its bit in promising rich user experience. Such as snapper is available for face recognition, motion control which helps users to set music playback, adjust the volume, view webpage, and much more via hand gestures by leveraging the 1MP webcam.  

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