Thursday, January 14, 2016

How to remove Windows 7 password with bootable USB

In the case for Windows 7 password lost or forgot, we are tending to use a USB to help us remove the password in quick way. Then the methods as below will teach us how to remove Windows 7 password with USB easily.

How to remove Windows 7 password with USB

Windows Password Key Professional is a powerful Windows password recovery tool that easy for you to remove Windows 7 password with USB.
Step1: Download Windows Password Key professional and install it on a useful computer.

Step2: Using a USB to burn Windows Password Key Professional on it, and then insert the newly created USB to the Windows 7 computer.
Step3: Running the tool on the computer from the newly created bootable USB, choose the Windows 7 account that you want to remove the password. After that, restart the computer, password has removed.

Windows 7 login password forgot what to do

Option1: In the case of entering system
Step1: Press Win+R, type MMC.exe. After the console appears, click file, and then click Add/Remove snap.

Step2: Find local users of the local computer to the Group->-and-complete-set, then double-click users and groups-double-click a user right-of-administrator, enter a password in a new.
Step3: After that, you can enter the locked computer again.

Option2: In the case of not entering the system
Step1: Start the system press F8 and enter safe mode with a command identifier, select administrator, and click safe mode with command prompt.

Step2: Add user ZMM, permission to increase user like ZMM, then restart the system, enter the new system.
Step3: Open Control Panel, click user accounts, and manage other accounts, set account password.

To reset Windows 7 password through the USB flash drive

Step1: First, we prepare a USB flash drive, mobile phone memory cards can of course, but it is recommended that you use a USB memory stick, and insert the USB in the Windows 7 computer, then into the left corner of the desktop, from the start--Michael Jackson-Control Panel.

Step2: Pictured above click the "Control Panel" to enter the Windows7 computer after the control panel interface, and then we switch to the category, click user accounts and family safety, like Marisa, a user account, and then click Create a password reset disk.
Step3: Will pop up after the forgotten password Wizard dialog boxes, we choose to insert into the USB drive on your computer, following presentation by the author is the author of Kingston USB flash drive, and then click Next

Step4: As shown above, after you click next, create a Windows 7 system password reset disks, this time we can see the creation of progress.
Step5: To wait for the end of the progress bar can be created successfully, then follow the prompts to request click Finish to.
After that long complex progress, you can master how to reset Windows 7 forgot password with USB drive in easy way.

After reading this easy blog, I hope that you have learned how to remove Windows 7 password with USB. Good luck to you.