Wednesday, May 29, 2013

3 Workable Options Help You Bypass Windows 8 Password

It is necessary for you to set a strong password to protect your PC data and stop unauthorized users, especially you have just bought a new win 8 computer or upgraded to win 8 OS. In the same time, you have no need to worry about lost or forgot Windows 8 password if you have taken some precautionary measures. If you don't know and remember to take these preventive measures, here are still 3 common methods for you to bypass Windows 8 Password.

bypass windows 8 password

Method 1: Bypass Windows 8 Password with another Admin Account

Are you able to log in your PC with built-in administrator account or other available admin account? Of course, the Windows 8 password bypass can be very easy if your answer is yes. Here begins Windows 8 password reset with another admin account.

[1]: Login in Win 8 via another administrator account.
[2]: First find the the search box, then type “user accounts” in it. From the search results, select user accounts.
[3]: It will show you all win 8 user accounts when user accounts windows open.
[4]: Choose the user account which you need to reset the password.
[5]: First you need to type a new password 2 times, and a password hint one time. At last click “change password” button.

Method 2: Bypass Password Windows 8 by Ophcrack

Ophcrack is one of the most popular free windows password bypass tool based on rainbow tables. It can help you bypass Windows 8 password less than 14 characters. Once you forgot password on Windows 8, it is a good choice to download the version compatible with Window 8.
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You can only reset password windows 8 less than 14 chracters.
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Method 3: Take use of Windows Password Recovery Tool Professional

Windows Password Recovery Tool Professional is a highly appreciated Windows password bypass tool, especially designed for novice or beginners. With this tool, you can get instant access to locked computer without the old password and computer skills. Prepare a bootale CD/DVD or USB flash drive and bypass the password step by step with less than 5 minutes.
Easily bypass Windows password for all kinds of Windows OS
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Be prepare an available pc and a bootable CD/DVD or USB

It isn’t a troublesome matter to bypass password Windows 8 if you pick up a good way. The above 3 tricks will help you a lot.

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  1. Sounds good. I have ever used Tenorshare Windows Password Recovery Tool to reset Windows 8 password and I find it in . It seems the Picture Password is not as useful as it is said by Microsoft. I still lost my password now and then.