Monday, July 29, 2013

What Can I Do if Forgot My Windows 8 Password?

Question: What are Options if I Forgot my Windows 8 Password?

Firstly, you have no need to annoyed when lost Windows 8 password like this We're always convinced to make stronger and more complicated passwords to safeguard our data security, leaving a more and more difficult way for us to remember.

Well, it is not necessary to analytic which makes them harder and harder to remember. As we are human, we often forget something sometimes, including vital things. So it is common for us forgot Windows 8 login password even if the password is not hard to remember.
forgot windows 8 password
Answer: Luckily you, here are 3 kinds of solutions to help you regain access to locked computer even you forgot your Windows 8 Password.

Option 1: Apply Win 8 Password Reset Disk You Created

Just as its name sounds like, Win 8 password reset disk is flash drive or a floppy disk, which can help us reset Windows 8 password even if we forgot or lost it. So it is time for you to get it and apply it if you have created one in advance. Otherwise, your chance to reset forgotten Windows 8 password is over. 

Note: Once you access again you Win 8 PC using one of the other solutions below( option 2, option 3), please create a Win 8 password reset disk so you can avoid all this trouble next time your forget password.

Option 2: Change Forgotten Windows 8 Password with another User Account

If your computer has more than one users, and one of them with administrator authority, then this user can log on with this administrator password  and change your password via user accounts.This is an easy way when you forgot Windows 8 password.
In other words, if your forgotten Windows 8 password is a local account, you can change it with the only one administrator account. This user has a Microsoft account or a local account, but your account must be a local account to have your password changed this way.

Option 3: Reset or Recover Lost Windows 8 Password with Software

Well, some more “traditional” Windows 8 password recovery solutions to hack into locked win 8 computer is using Windows password reset program. It is suitable if almost-always-work ideas above don’t work at all for whatever reason.
There are kinds of
Windows 8 password reset tool available on the internet, which comes from different software developers and IT companies. They are used to recover, or reset lost Windows 8 user and administrator passwords .Here I would like to list several Windows 8 password reset tool for your reference(I have tested all of them and work well):

Top 1: Ophcrack
Top 2: Offline NT Password & Registry Editor
Top 3: PC Login Now
Top 1: Windows Password Recovery Tool(Highly Recommended)
Top 2: Windows Password Key
Top 3: Tenorshare Windows Password Recovery

All in all, with these Windows 8 password reset tool, it is no need to feel frustrated when
forgot password Windows 8 ( What do you think about it?

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