Monday, July 1, 2013

How to Recover Windows 8 Password in Different Ways?

Forgot Windows 8 Password? Not to worry! You are not alone. Many of us are looking for suitable way to recover Windows 8 password.

As the latest Microsoft operating system and bundled with the great features, Windows 8 is full of problems and a mess sometimes. And of course, the biggest problem can be due to your forgotten Windows 8 password. If you search for “how to recover Windows 8 password” on the internet, you will get many kinds of solutions. However, most of them are hard for you to operate or not work properly.

So when you forgot Windows 8 login password, what can you do to get out of this situation. Ask the administrator to recover Windows 8 password for you? Yes, this is a good way. But if you yourself are administrator and forgot this administrator password, the problem gets a little tricky. Luckily you, after reading this post, you will find that it is very easy and simple to recover password Windows 8 even if you forgot user or admin account.

Situation I: Have Windows 8 Password Reset Disk

To be honest, the best solution for you to recover forgotten Windows 8 password is using password reset disk. You can create such disk through Windows operate system itself. However, it is really horrible if you have not created this password reset disk before you lost Windows 8 password. So be serious, if you have this disk in hand, try to recover password Windows 8 with password rest disk as the following describes:

1. When you typed a wrong win 8 password, a Reset password link below the login box will show up. Insert the password reset disk into the computer.
2. Then click on Reset password.
3. Click Next to continue When the Password Reset Wizard appears
4. Select the right password reset disk. Click Next.
5. Type in a new password and a hint for the password. Click Next.
6. Click Finish.
Now you can log in to your win 8 computer with the new password.

Situation II: Have No Windows 8 Password Reset Disk

Have no win 8 password reset disk? Well, there is a powerful Windows 8 password reset tool can help you create Windows 8 password reset disk. What is it? Yes, you are right. It is Windows Password Recovery Tool. Indeed, if the way Microsoft offers doesn’t work for you, Windows Password Recovery Tool is your best solution. With this Windows 8 password reset tool, you can burn your windows 8 password reset disk to recover Windows 8 password instantly on any brands of Win 8 laptop, desktop or tablet, such as Dell, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, HP, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony, etc.

To recover forgotten Windows 8 password, all you need is to create a boot password reset CD/DVD/USB in seconds, and then reset your forgotten win 8 password with the burned disk. The whole process to recover lost Windows 8 password is 100% safe. No need to worry about losing any data. Following are the detailed steps on Windows 8 password recovery.

Step 1: Download and install Windows Password Recovery Tool in any accessible computer (not the locked one), and then launch it.
Step 2: Insert CD/DVD/USB into the computer and burn the boot Windows 8 password reset disk in a few seconds.
Step 3: Insert the burned win 8 password reset disk into your locked win 8 computer, and start it from the burned win 8 password reset disk.
Step 4: Now you can reset forgotten Windows 8 password under Windows-PE.
Step 5: Click Reboot button to restart computer and remove the inserted boot USB disk after removing windows 8 password.
Step 6: When the Windows 8 login screen appears, select the target account and log into it without password.

Make it! Now you have recovered the Windows 8 forgot password and get access to your locked win 8 system without any password or the password just set. The whole Windows 8 password recovery process is pretty easy, right?

Learn how to unlock Windows 8 password? Watch video on how to recover Windows 8 password.


  1. hi, i have tried this guide, but when i start the win 8 from the usb flash pendrive, it appears: Checking media....FAIL (2 times) and then the windows starts normally...

    help pls :S

  2. You can reset your windows password in 20 minutes, without needing to login into any account. The full step by step video tutorial can be seen on youtube:

  3. What you talked about are what my friend told to me when last time I lost my Windows 8 password. Last time I didn't prepare reset disk before so I chose Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0 Professional, which is indeed quick and effective.