Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Admin Account Password Is Incorrect, How to Remove Password on Windows 8?


Last week, my Windows 8 admin account password stopped working. I know I was typing password in correctly, watching for caps locks, typing incredibly slowly, etc. I would usually use the admin account, even though I was told that I shouldn't; so I typed in the same password almost every day. I don't have any idea what could have instigated this issue, other than windows crapping out on me or some foreign item on my computer doing stuff without my permission. However, after I returned from my trip to Europe yesterday, I tried logging into my admin account by accident, giving the usual password that I was so used to, and it let me on. I got all excited, and then started switching the main things I use over to the non-admin account just in case something like this happens again, and then the password stops working again on the admin account. It let me on once, I did some stuff, logged out of admin acc. and into another, then tried to log back into admin and it refused the password.

remove Windows 8 password
remove Windows 8 login password

What I want to do:
I hope to delete or remove Windows 8 admin password!

How to solve problem?

Solution 1, Get other admin account to remove password.

If you have an Admin account without a password you can log into that account. Go to the control panel-> users accounts-> manage another account-> select the account with the password and click remove password.

Solution 2, go to safe mode for Windows 8 password remove.

Restart your Windows 8 computer, and hold the F8 keyboard button and as you enter the Windows Boot Menu, you will see some different choices.
Choose Safe Mode with Networking. Now Windows will start in Safe Mode. Everything will look different; select the Default Administrator account from the login. The password can be left blank. If you are lucky and passed the login, then you’re able to edit your original account.

Solution 3, get Windows 8 Password Removal to remove incorrect password.

Firstly, you can easily remove passwords of any computer, but you have to learn the trick of HOW TO SET UP BIOS TO BOOT FROM USB.
Secondly, download Windows 8 Password Removal software and make a bootable pen drive, once you made it, you can use that pen drive to remove any password on any computer.
Thirdly, using pen drive would just take 1 minute to remove password. 

Share the above solutions if they help you when need remove Windows password! To get more specific procedures on how to remove Windows 8 login password, please watch video:  http://youtu.be/_q7_vjUiB6s

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